Meldi Organizasyon


“MELDİ” aims at rendering its professional approach in every field of its business segment since its foundation in 2002.

The significance of service and technology is pretty raised in today’s world. Hence, “MELDİ” adopted the principle of providing perfect services and creating professional solutions. The staff has the highest level of training and experience and is also highly accomplished, where each of which is proud of sharing their all background with you. “MELDİ” enables customers to experience its services thoroughly by means of its permanent and reliable solutions.

MELDİ” devotedly follows the change and innovation in every stage of the industry and arranges its activities by “Admiration and Creativeness”. “MELDİ”, which is a competitive, innovative, dynamic and experienced company with a growth potential, aspired to materialize your dreams. MELDİ’s goal is to add value of its customers’ brands by means of its services rendered to corporations and institutions.

In order to accomplish its objectives, “MELDİ” has adopted the principle of offering its customers optimum and result-based solutions planned and designed on an universal scale.

“MELDİ” makes your life easier.