Meldi Organizasyon


“MELDİ” is continuing to show its experience at strategic consultancy according to the cooperation of sectors and the countries which doing business together.

In addition to the given consultancy service for target market research, market study and incentives by “MELDİ”;

B2B (Professional Bilateral Negotiations) meetings are organized by companies, Giving strategic consultancy services with the information of supports for setting a target market and accessing to a market,

Presenting consultancy service with the connection of national and international business partner,

Giving consultancy for project preparation, development and management service related to the national and international projects.

In order to take advantage of govermental support in a maximum level, present the consultancy is one the main service.

In this sense, MELDİ is both performing its international trade activities and giving strategic consultancy service to the markets of in cooperation with the countries and sectors.